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8K 1.4 DP Displayport USB TYPE C Cable (Bi-directional) (8K@60Hz)

DP1.4  8K  Displayport To USB C Cable

Support 8K@60Hz

Bandwidth 32.4Gbps

Audio: Automatic audio and video synchronization, 32 audio channels, support for multiple audio streams, 1536kHz audio sampling

Backward compatible with DisplayPort 1.3, 1.2, 1.1 and 1.0. 

This DisplayPort cable 1.4 are compatible with both popular 4K hardware and future 8K hardware.


ResolutionMax 8K@60Hz,7680*4320 resolution
ConnectorDisplay Port TO USB Type C
E-mark ICCYDP 2119
Cable JacketGraphene
PackagePE/customized packaging
Length1m/2m/Customized Length
Item No.LS-UCDP1.4A
Connector PlatedGold/Nickel


Alumium Shell colorBlack/Grey/customized color


Support OEM/ODM,Aluminum shell and free to laser your logo

【8K 60Hz Ultimate High Speed & Refresh Rate Supported】:Gamer-best refresh-rate (8K@60Hz, 8K@30Hz, 5K@60Hz,4K@120Hz, 4K@144Hz, 4K@90Hz, 4K@60Hz, 2K@165Hz) and high resolution up to 8K could arrive 7680x4320P at 60Hz ,makes it an optimal choice for smoother, tear-free gaming experience. 

【Durable Design】The USB-C port features an innovative non-slip design for easy plugging and unplugging, while the compact, ultra-thin aluminium housing prevents cracking.         Combined with a durable nylon braided cable, it can withstand varying degrees of bending while ensuring stable image transmission.

【Bandwidth up to 32.4 Gbps】: DP 1.4 is best for your gaming screen or graphic design monitor. Backwards compatible with Display Port 1.3, 1.2 and 1.1. DP 1.4 extends bandwidth up to 32.4Gbps

【Outstanding Compatibility】: Compatible with newest USB-C(Thunderbolt 3) Ports,widely compatible with newest Macbook Pro 2020,2019,2018 ,Dell xps ,Surface book 2 and other computers which supports DP Alternate mode

Dual display mode, Convenient and Practical,Mirror Mode:Two Screens synchronized;Extend Mode:Two Screens display different screens,Widely applicable to many occasions

【Multi-screen Display】The perfect cable to connect your USB-C ( support video output) computer to your DisplayPort monitor.         Mirroring and extension modes allow you to display on a larger screen or work on multiple screens.         Clamshell mode compatible with MacBook Pro/MacBook users and Multi-Stream Transfer (MST) compatible with Windows computer users.

Plug & Play provides a more convenient streaming experience from any device that has a USB-C port and supports video output or with a thunderbolt port.

Factory direct sale,nice quality and more durable with best price for long life usage.


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