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180 degree rotation Charging cable 5A Super fast charging Elbow USB Cable

180 degree rotation Charging cable 5A Super fast charging Elbow USB Cable For iphone

The magnetic feature of this cable adds an extra layer of convenience. The magnetic connector easily attaches to the cable, ensuring a secure and stable connection.


Data Transmission480Mbps
Power Charger5A fast charging
ConnectorUSB connector、Type-C、Micro、Lightning
Cable JacketTPE
PackagePE/customized packaging
Connector PlatedNickel
Aluminum Shell colorBlue


The 180 degree rotation feature provides flexibility and convenience, allowing you to charge your devices from any angle. Whether you're using your phone while it's charging or need to connect your tablet to a power source in a tight space, this cable ensures a seamless charging experience.

Not only does this cable offer convenience, but it also supports super fast charging with a 5A output. This means that your devices will charge at an incredibly fast rate, saving you valuable time. Whether you're in a hurry or simply want to maximize your charging efficiency, this cable is the perfect solution.


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