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USB Right angle adapter magnetic USB-C adapter USB3.2

The PD120W Elbow magnetic USB-C adapter USB3.2 is a high-quality and innovative accessory that provides a convenient and efficient way to charge and transfer data between devices. 

This adapter features a magnetic design that allows for easy and secure connection to your USB-C device, ensuring a stable and reliable connection every time.


Data Transmission40 Gbps
Power ChargeMax 6A
ConnectorUSB C
Connector PlatedNickel Plated
ShellAluminum alloy shell
PackagePE/customized packaging


The PD120W Elbow magnetic USB-C adapter is a versatile and convenient accessory that enhances the charging experience for devices with USB-C ports. This adapter is designed with a unique elbow shape, allowing for a more flexible and ergonomic connection.

It supports 40Gbps fast data transfer rate.

The magnetic feature of this adapter adds an extra layer of convenience. It allows for easy and secure attachment to your device's USB-C port, ensuring a stable connection during charging. No more worrying about accidental disconnections or loose connections that can interrupt the charging process.


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